Automatic selection of SSL certificate for SAP sites

Binary Adventures

When navigating to the SAP support site, you will be redirected to one of the individual web servers available at that time. However, each time, you will be asked to enter your credentials or – when using an SSL certificate – asked whether to submit the certificate in order to authenticate.

Wouldn’t it be great not having to authenticate anymore and have you browser automatically submit the SSL certificate for all SAP sites?


You’ll need the following to implement the solution:

  • Google Chrome.
  • An SAP Passport (a SSO certificate). You can find more info about it here. If you have issues generating a certificate using Chrome, I suggest you use another browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and revert to Chrome once you have the certificate.


On OS X, execute the following commands to avoid the certificate submission popup for SAP sites:

defaults write AutoSelectCertificateForUrls -array
defaults write AutoSelectCertificateForUrls -array-add -string '{"pattern":"https://[*.]","filter":{"ISSUER":{"CN":"SAP Passport CA"}}}'
defaults write AutoSelectCertificateForUrls -array-add -string '{"pattern":"https://[*.]","filter":{"ISSUER":{"CN":"SAP Passport CA"}}}'

On Windows, save the content below in a .reg file and import it in your Windows Registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"1"="{\"pattern\":\"https://[*.]\",\"filter\":{\"ISSUER\":{\"CN\":\"SAP Passport CA\"}}}"
"2"="{\"pattern\":\"https://[*.]\",\"filter\":{\"ISSUER\":{\"CN\":\"SAP Passport CA\"}}}"